We have four large open pit aggregate mines in Africa.

At present, there are seven professional companies registered under it, which mainly carry out related business activities in the fields of mining, sales of civil explosives, and real estate development.

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Optimize the combination of equipment to meet different process requirements

As a leading global manufacturer in the field of mining machinery and equipment, we not only provide customers with a full range of equipment and components, but also provide reasonable solutions according to customer needs, creating great value at low costs.


impact crusher

impact crusher

MPF Series Impact Crusher

Auxiliary equipment

Auxiliary equipment

MF Series Fixed Shaft Circular Vibrating Screen

Sand making equipment

Sand making equipment

ML series impact sand making machine

Excellence. It is the foundation of everything we do.

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Our goal is to assure our customers of excellent operating equipment with high reliability, predictive maintenance to reduce machine downtime.

  • Through tailor-made solutions for customers, the value of equipment utilization is improved and the potential of equipment is maximized.

    John Smith
  • In order to ensure that customers can master the operating system of the equipment in a short period of time, SAMM provides learning and training for customers.

    Mark Johnson
  • All our accessories are top quality and have strict quality control. In order to ensure that each component can play its maximum efficiency in equipment operation.

    Bradley Grosh